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HealthNet Global (HNG) is one of the pioneer HealthTech companies in India providing integrated telemedicine solutions and care platforms. HNG synergizes healthcare services, ICT, medical equipment, and patient information systems to provide condition management and rural health connect programs. With HNG's connected platforms and solutions, the patient is in virtual contact with the consulting doctor 365 days a year.

HNG's solution also helps in addressing the needs of people who have never been treated by a doctor or caregiver. HNG enables a range of treatment solutions / care platforms in remote villages, urban slums, and anywhere else the need exists. The company through the CSR implementation partner Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, serves 350,000 common service centres activated with Telemedicine enabling 300 million Indian population to get access to quality primary healthcare virtually. The company is delivering a social cause with innovation and technology backed solutions. It has brought healthcare within reach of every consumer by the usage of the latest technologies, thereby making quality healthcare accessible to all.

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India being a developing country has faced various problems like inadequate healthcare facilities in remote areas, cost-effective healthcare, insufficient healthcare spending by the Government, and technology penetration in the remote areas. All these have paved a path for innovation in healthtech with an aim of providing and enabling quality healthcare access to all. With this aim, HealthNet Global, one of the largest healthtech companies in the world has a proven track record in technologies supported for telehealth/last mile delivery, better and early diagnosis, disease prevention, precision/personalised treatment, disease management, robotics and automation, connected healthcare/platform economy and deep technologies.

Providing Continuum of Care

  • Medeintegra: Digital Care Platform

    Proprietary in-house developed world-class Telemedicine platform for healthcare delivery

    Compliant to ICD10, SNOMED, HL7, HIPAA standards

    Modules include EMR, Learning Management System, Laboratory Information System, Pharmacy Management, Primary Health Workflow, Audit & Quality Assurance, et al.

  • Ask Apollo: Health in your Hands

    Proprietary in-house developed consumer app providing salient features for healthcare accessibility.

    Usage across 48 countries with more than 6 lac downloads

    Features include:

    - Virtual consultations, medicine delivery, diagnostic bookings, condition management, physical consult bookings, provision of white labelling et al.

  • Connected Devices

    Utilizing connected devices across all projects to collect patient data & seamlessly upload to EMR for quick doctor accessibility & usability.

    More than 3,500 connected devices across multiple PPP & other projects.

    In-house developed Device Integrated Layer with plug and play facility

  • Drones in Healthcare

    Development of innovative ways for healthcare delivery through Drones.

    Collaboration with World Economic Forum, Govt of Telangana, and other Indian & Intl start-ups.

    Use Cases explored:

    - Organ delivery, Emergency equipment delivery, disaster snapshot, medicine delivery, et al.

  • Smart Kiosk: Accessibility

    Smart Kiosk development that provides on-the-go primary healthcare facilities along with accessibility to higher facilities.

    Primary diagnostic tests through POCT devices integrated with Kiosk.

    Virtual consultations with General Physicians & Specialists.

    Condition Management Programs with smart connected devices.

    Accessibility to higher facilities through diagnostics bookings, consultation bookings, et al.

  • Internet of Things & the Internet of Medical Things

    Usage of modern technologies for improving operational efficiency and reducing manual interventions.

    Remote access to ICT/non-medical equipment for reducing energy consumption - Connected Rooms.

    Usage of uni-directional data-flow medical devices for seamless data transfer to EMR.

  • Connected Health: At Grassroot Levels

    Providing Non-Communicable Disease screening to Below Poverty Line citizens of Indian urban slums.

    Over 1.5 Million screenings done in the last two years for cancer, hypertension, asthma, et al.

    Social Health Education delivered to more than 20 thousand households during the previous two years.

  • Tuver Project: Model for Smart Villages

    Adoption of a village with a population of 1500 to cater all healthcare services through a grant from the University of Pittsburgh

    Quality healthcare provision with specialty teleconsultations

    Provision of essential medicines through in-house pharmacy

    Laboratory set-up for basic diagnostics

    Enabled with solar power.

    All equipment converted to DC.

  • Common Service Centres - under SEHAT through Digital India initiative

    250,000 common service centres at Gram Panchayat level are activated with Telemedicine.

    This program is run under SEHAT through Digital India initiative

    In collaboration with village level Entrepreneurs for ICT equipment

    Providing physician teleconsultations for as low as $1.4

  • Total Health - Revolution in Healthcare

    Non-Communicable Diseases Survey (WHO STEP's Approach) - 18 Gram Panchayat's covering more than 18 thousand people

    Mobile health services with investigative facilities and a specialist Medical officer to provide health services at the doorstep of the population.

    The mapping of Non-Communicable Disease patterns and their monitoring is ensured by an interactive application which is updated every week.

    Two Nutrition centres have been established to provide supplementary food to the pregnant and lactating women of the community.

    Establishment of RO plants, facilitation of transportation of water, and providing individual sanitary facilities for the community.

    Provision of walking plaza / play ground facilities and promoting rural sports.

    Reintroducing Yoga practice.